Mission Statement

The aim of the Scottish Stone Liaison Group is to enhance availability, promote utilisation and advance knowledge and skills in design, specification and use of indigenous Scottish stone in existing and new build projects.

SSLG Project Teams

There are three Project Teams in the SSLG which promote its various activites:


1. The Natural Stone Institute Project Team

The NSI together with stairmaker www.james-steel.co.uk is seeking to establish a UK resource centre that will enable Architects and Clients appreciate the benefits of using a product that has a life span of hundreds of years. Ultimately technical data and samples will be available. The Institute will also provide a forum for the dissemination of information and knowledge and will establish international links with similar organisations.

2. The Indigenous Materials Project Team


The Indigenous Materials Project Team has reviewed the indigenous material needs of Scotland’s built heritage and resolved that the immediate priority is the re-introduction of Scottish slate production. With the last Scottish slate quarry closing around 1955 there is now a serious shortage of such slate for the maintenance of Scottish slated roofs in conservation areas and its use of stone.

3. The Scottish Stone Industry Project Team


Primarily this Committee will seek to ensure the viability of a healthy indigenous industry and will actively encourage the opening of dimensional stone quarries. Training, in all its aspects, is recognised as being the key issue as are lobbying, planning policies, and establishing links with international organisations. The Team is actively reviewing the current skills base and developing the question of “conservation training” at craft level.

Information about the activities of these Project Teams is included in SSLG Newsletters. These are available on the web on our Publications page and in hard copy. To receive Newsletters by post, please contact the office at the address given below and your name will be added to the mailing list.